Business Transformation

– Business Transformation
– Virtual Engagement during New Normal

Growth Enablers

– Rethinking Marketing and Sales approach
– Continuous Community Connect

Sustained Operational Excellence

– Online Maverick Buying for Efficiency Excellence
– Sustained Operational Excellence
– Kaizen philosophy
– Philosophy of lean
– Integrated Managed Logistics for Publishing Firms

Cost Management Plans

– Space & IFMS optimization for the Post-COVID era
– Integrated Outbound Logistics Management
– Managed Mailroom Management
– Single Desk Employee Transportation Plan
– Contract Life Cycle Management

Technology Enablement & Optimization

– Integrated Managed IT Services for Corporates
– Unbundling Costly & Legacy Enterprise Solutions

Content Transformation

– Content Monetization from Overseas Market
– Content Management for Modern Media Houses

Digital Integration for Enabling Growth

– New Wave Digital Transformation Journey

Knowledge Management (KM) & Innovation

– Innovation Management Framework for New age firms
– Knowledge Management Framework – Prime need